Taiwan's Unique Foods!

Here is a little introduction to some of the famous things to eat that are special to Taiwan! I'm not necessarily saying that I like all of them, but I've tried all of these! :)
Star fruit
Lychee- it's very sweet and has a seed in the middle!

Longyan: "dragon's eye" You have to crack open the hard shell and eat around the seed

Yellow watermelon! Sweeter!

Wax Apple- interesting bell shape and softer than regular apples
Dragon Fruit: you eat the inside with the seeds. Really mushy and yummy!

Guava: like apples, kindof tough texture and you can eat the seeds in the middle

It's like a rice porridge. It's very bland and you can put lots of things in it to make it taste interesting. It's also eaten when you're sick.

Shaved Ice
More popular than ice cream, this is a dessert for the summer. Shaved ice with toppings of your choice. You can get fruit or strange jellies and usually it comes with condensed milk poured on top. Beans and barley are also normal to put on this. (It's really good!)

Stinky Tofu
Probably the dish that most people talk about. It literally smells like manure to me. The texture is firm on the outside and soft on the inside. I just can't get over the smell, I'm sorry...

Thousand Year Egg
This egg was cooked in a sauce for an especially long time- that's why it's this color. It's actually good! Although it's number one on the list of the grossest foods in Taiwan according to foreigners.

Chicken Egg Cake
This is the first snack I tried here. It's just a small cake in the shape of a chicken egg. They come in other shapes too. It's really cheap and fast!

Hot Pot
In these special restaurants you order what you want to put in the pot of boiling water and you can cook your own meal! Interesting experience!

Bubble Tea
Milk plus tea and tapioca balls that you suck up through the straw and eat while you're drinking. I don't usually like it but I found a place that makes it amazing!!!!!!!!


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