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Getting Ready to Leave

It's been a little while since I've written, but things have been going by so fast. I had interviews with both schools I applied to and I've heard back from both of them after that. I think it's looking good for me but the problem is that there's so many people wanting a job in central Taipei and they might not have any open right now.

So I'm just waiting to see if any open up and at the same time I'm looking at open positions outside the city to see if it's reasonable for me to commute.

I officially have my plane ticket! We're leaving Feb 1st- we realized that we might need a few extra days to get all of our stuff packed and clean the apartment out. Our flight leaves just before 1pm. We have a 2 hour layover in Tokyo (woohoo!!!!!!!), and arrive in Taipei around 9-10am eastern time- so 9-10pm in Taipei. Spending the night at Albert's apartment in Jhongli City and then going to Taipei to find an apartment the next day.

I want to end my blog with a p…


Woohoo! I got an interview with Hess Schools this Wednesday at 9pm via SKYPE. Wish me luck! :)