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Hong Kong and Macau (Feb 2013)

So the rest of the trip was meant to be in the casinos at Macau but... I wanted to stop off in Hong Kong to order a latin dress!!!!!!!! I'm so excited! It'll be ready by the end of March!

Macau I tell you... was SO UNENJOYABLE! Because...... :sigh: the tourists from Mainland China. Their culture is just so hard to accept... cutting in line, pushing, standing in front of you when they can see you're trying to take a picture of something.... I can go on and on, but I wont' because I want to get back into China to travel again someday. Let's just say there were a lot of unhappy feelings those two days.

We did get to visit some cool casinos though! The Wynn casino had a couple of fun shows in the lobby and some nice high-end shops. We stayed at the Holiday Inn/Sheraton which could connect to the Venetian so we got to see some more cool shops and an exhibit on the Titanic!

I tried playing Blackjack for the first time and it was really fun! We had a guy at our table who…

In Indonesia (Feb 2013) (Bali Part 2)

So after spending a whole day in Ubud, we had to go to the beach! So day two was spent in Kuta where our hotel was. Unfortunately, not much time on the beach. We ran all over town looking for swimsuit shops. I thought they would have some cool and cheap designs. Lonely Planet recommended Carrefour... Liars!!!! They had only children's swimsuits. Bought some souvenirs though. Then went to a shopping mall near the hotel.. TOO EXPENSIVE. Finally, we went to a street market nearby and got one.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. We had brunch first in the hotel where I got to meet an Italian chef! I spoke some Italian to him and I guess I charmed him because he gave me his number and said I could contact him to practice. Cool! Totally not gonna call though.

Then came the wild goose chase for a swimsuit.

And finally, the beach!

We took the red-eye to Hong Kong that night. Bali, hope to see you again soon!