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Super Sick

Sorry I haven't posted. I got really sick Saturday night and the rest of the weekend with food poisoning. I'm still not feeling great but at least it's better. Got the day off from work because a typhoon's coming in. Glad I get another day to rest. :) I'll have to wait till have more time next weekend to post.

This Weekend

I have to spend the weekend in Zhongli. Can't update till possibly Sunday!

Second Installment of China Trip: Day Two (Wed. 5/25/2011)

Hong Kong & Beijing
香港 & 北京
By the way, you pronounce Hong Kong -  Xiang Gang in Mandarin Chinese. (Shee-ong Gong)

Okay, Day two! First things first we had to check into the airport for our flight to Beijing and pick up my China visa! Then we spent the rest of the afternoon scouring bookstores (old and new) to find books we couldn't easily get in Taiwan. None of them I could read I might add. (But all in good time! ;) )

 After we got to Beijing, our tour send a driver to take us to the hotel. We got in later than the rest of the group. It was a long ride to the hotel, which seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. Turns out that Beijing is huge and really spread out so everywhere is the middle of nowhere and it takes forever to get places. BUT: a more in-depth review of what Beijing is like will come in the next episode... Day 3!

(sorry I know it's long overdue to talk about China, but it's taking forever to get the pictures edited)

More to come soon! Lots …

Elastic Butterfly Her Whisper is Lucifer

There's something awesome, hilarious and crazy: I'll say it again. Korean boy bands. They take random English words and mix it with Korean (which hopefully makes sense at least. What makes it worse is you can't understand their English pronunciation. "Rocka rocka" becomes "lock ah lock ah".

We wanna go rocka rocka
rocka rocka rocka
So fantastic
So elastic
fantastic fantastic
fantastic fantastic
elastic elastic
elastic elastic
Ring Ding Dong Ring Ding Dong
Ring Diggi DingDiggi Ding Ding Ding

Not to mention their hair is VERY feminine. (No need to mention, me likee)

(the band is called Shinee)

In the Rut

Yep, been too busy to post. I'm a drag I know. Here's a cool picture from China!!! Working on fixing and uploading pictures so I can make a real post sometime soon. Went to see Mucha for my birthday. His pictures are gorgeous!!!! I especially love how he did hair. Our school's in the middle of a transition phase now. New students, semester hasn't started yet, lost some teachers, and got some new teachers. It's very strange. Want to start taking Chinese again. Looking for a tutor!!!!!! Maybe coming to visit Michigan for Chinese New Year! (end of January)
More later!!!