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Super Junior

On Saturdays I teach teenagers and I learned a little bit about a popular boy band they like. At first I wasn't that interested. I had my NSync and Backstreet Boys phase in high school, but when I saw some of their videos and listened to their music I changed my mind a little bit.

They're called Super Junior, a band from S. Korea (which is producing a lot of the popular entertainment in Taiwan right now). 13 reallly metro guys. I thought you might like to check them out to see what some guys in Taiwan look like (hair and fashion-wise).

This next song and video really made me warm up to them. I know in real-life no guy is that romantic but it's fun to watch!

PS- The dancing is pretty cool. Despite what Albert says.

Last Friday was Bodily Functions Day At School

So this past Friday was pretty exciting toward the end of the day. Here's what happened: two of my kids threw up. One threw up on a teacher. Another one farted on me, and when I was helping them in the bathroom a little girl came in and peed all over the floor through her clothes!!! It was pretty crazy!

PS- Rachel it was one of your hippos! :'( "Eli-buh-buh"

For real this time- My Birthday in Kenting

Friday night we packed and cleaned the apartment a little before the trip.

Saturday we left bright and early:
9am left the apartment MRT to HSR Train Station (High Speed Rail) HSR to Zuoying 2 hours Bus from Zuoying to Kenting 2 1/2 hours
We saw a really cool temple with lanterns on the bus ride!
Now we're starting to see the beach!!! It was really exciting!

When we got to the hotel we were STARVING. So we checked in and ordered lunch at the cafe. THIS was the salad: a work of art! We didn't know the portions would be HUGE so we were a little daunted. I got a really yummy rice-beef dish. Albert got beef noodles. Next stop was the beach (pictures a little later) and soon it was time for dinner.

We had a free dinner with the hotel package at their Chinese restaurant. Again, it was really a meal for 5 people. Here's a dish with shrimp, beans, flower petals, and a special kind of seed.

Albert tricked me into eating this one. It's squid!!! Yuck! With a dipping sauce and some seaweed.

Birthday in Kenting

So turns out today is Chinese Valentine's Day and I've been busy after work. I ran over to San Min branch to get my pay and drop off some test papers. Then I had dinner and a movie with Albert. We saw It's Complicated with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin. I really enjoyed it- surprisingly. I love Steve Martin, and it was little thought-provoking.

So I'm putting off my story of the trip until tomorrow night. I'm uploading photos to facebook as I speak, so hopefully it will work for once and you can check them out. :) :fingers crossed:

I really love Parrots!

Birthday Wishes

I got some cards in the mail today and I want to say thank you to: Mom & Dad, Nathan & Aaron, Grandma & Grandpa, and the Garza family! :)

I have a temporary Italian roommate right now and she reminds me so much of Aunt Foo! I hope we can find time to practice Italian together!!! Gotta run!