Monday, February 27, 2012

Taipei's Computer Market (光華商場).

After the World Religions Museum we went to the computer market in search for a tablet case. It was pretty neat too!

 BUT FIRST... Bubble tea!!!! Passion fruit something!

 They had lychee flavor too! Gotta try that one next!

 Then it was time for Pig's Blood... Maybe I'll like it this time?
 Ok, I'm not so sure about this...
 Yep, it's still gross!

 Hey! My favorite show to watch at Grandma's house!
Cheap DVDS
These were mousepads!!!

Comic books!

Oooh! I'm excited for this game!!!
Angry bird iPad 2 Covers...
These attach to your earphones to make you look "cute"
I like this one!
This guy had a katana!!!!
Oh my!!!
Hello! O.O

 There's always gotta be girls modeling the electronics!
Think I could be a phone model too? ;) hehe!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Museum of World Religions (in Yonghe City, Taipei County, Taiwan)

Today I went to an awesome museum about religions! Here are some pictures I took!

 First you get to walk by a wall of falling water and learn how water is important in different religions.

 And then down this hallway you get to make a "pilgrimmage" and see different questions illuminated on the walls. "Who created me?" for instance.
 The next section is the Golden Lobby. The Golden Lobby is meant to look like a human eye and the point is to help the visitors to open their eyes and hearts to see the beauty in religion.

 Blurry... :'(
On the floor are different symbols for religions and zodiacs.

First stop is Christianity...  

 Next, Judaism...

 Ancient Egypt...

This was an offering table... Sounds sinister!


 Zarathushtra (sp)...






 Next is an exhibit on how the Taiwanese practice religion... It's basically a combination of Daosim, Buddhism, and Confucianism...

 Then there was a section where they had models of some sacred buildings in different religions... This one is the Assumption Cathedral in Russia. Made in 15th-18th centry AD.
 Kandariya Mahadev Temple (Hinduism) in India. Made in 10th-11th century AD.

 Altneuschl (Judaism) in the Czech Republic. Made in 13th century AD.

 The Golden Temple (Sikhism) in India. Made in 16th to 17th century AD.
 Borobudur (Buddhism) in Indonesia. Made in 9th century AD. It looks so big! I'd love to see it in person!
 Luce Chapel (Christianity) in Taichung, Taiwan. Hey I can go visit! 20th century AD.
 Dome of the Rock (Islam) in Jerusalem. 7th century AD.
 Ise Grand Shrine (Shinto) in Japan. 2nd century AD.
 Chartres Cathedral in France. 12th to 13th century AD.
 Buddha's Light Temple in China. 9th century AD.

I thought this was a very interesting museum and I think they did a good job representing these religions. I didn't get to spend enough time there because they were closing- and my pictures came out a little blurry. I'm definitely going to go again to do a better job looking at everything!