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Coming Home

Coming home this Saturday. I'm excited, but not looking forward to the long trip.... Hope I'll sleep the whole way.


Craziness before Going Home

So it's Wednesday and I'm really happy because I get to wash my hair today!!! Saturday I got it permanently straightened and they said not to wash or get it wet for 3 days. It got pretty oily the 2nd day so I'm super glad now.

This weekend I don't get to pack for America because we're going on a company trip to Gukeng county to see the biggest amusement park in Taiwan. Originally we were going to Hualien (really beautiful nature) but now I'm not so enthusiastic. We have to meet at 6:30am on Saturday. UGH! And a 4 hour bus ride, as opposed to a much shorter train ride there. Then on Sunday I have to lead the whole group in an exercise dance. I'm working on my "vacation!!!!" AAAAH! Sorry, I'm complaining. I need to let it out somewhere. I'm really worried I won't have fun because it doesn't sound like all the activities we'll be doing will be relaxing, plus I would never want to go to an amusement park.

Okay, end of that shpeal. …

Breaking News

So it's not a surprise to some, but I've decided to stay in Taiwan for another year. I'm nowhere near being fluent in Chinese and I haven't seen all the cool places in Taiwan. So I'm postponing grad school and staying at my current job. I'm going back to America for Christmas and I'll be there until New Years. So if you're free and in my area (you should know where), let me know so we can visit! :)