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Claude & Camille

Lately, I've been reading this really great book by Stephanie Cowell about Claude Monet and the love of his life Camille. I've always enjoyed looking at Impressionist paintings but I've never really felt a deep connection to them before this book. It's a novel based on a lot of research so I think it's historically accurate (with some gaps filled in by the author's imagination).

So right now I can't get enough of Monet's paintings and the rest of the Impressionists as well (Bazille, Pisarro, Degas, Manet, etc). Learning about Monet's life and his friendships with these artists has been really interesting and inspiring. In fact, there is an exhibition of Monet's waterlily paintings in Taipei right now... As soon as I finish the book I want to go see them!

I also want to get back into painting again, since I have a brand new empty apartment to decorate. :) I think I'll start making a replica Monet's La Promenade (below). It's of Camill…

Same Old Same Old

Hey y'all!

Still unpacking things and getting our place comfortable! Busy busy busy, work work work, study study study. That's all I got time for right now. We have a four day weekend next week (FINALLY) so maybe something worth writing about will happen then!


The Weekly Burn-out

I wanted to give another (short) update because I know people in general (my mom included) are worried about what's happening in Japan and how it might affect things in Taiwan. As of right now I am very safe and plan to continue working here. I'm not an expert in where the radiation will go- (I kinda don't have much time now that I'm a part-time student), but I do know that it will be very unlikely to come here...and if it does it won't be dangerous. It's really horrible what Japan is going through right now and I can't bear to watch the news, but I'm going to do whatever I can to help from afar. (We might do a bake sale at our school)

On a lighter note, we've moved! Nothing is unpacked and it's a mess right now, but I really like the new place and I can't wait to make some paintings and decorate it. We got a Wii!!!!! So if I can figure out how to game online, maybe you can battle me (ahem, Jeff ;) ). I got Glee Karaoke, MarioKart, the origi…

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Hey y'all. I'm spending my Ash Wednesday (and few free nights) packing to move into our new place on Sunday. Chinese class is going well! I can read some simple sentences now! I aced my first quiz but I know I missed some on the last one.

More later, when I'm in my new home. :) (just across the street)