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Playing around Beitou

Howdy y'all! Today I got up late- ugh can't seem to get my body clock back to normal, but I went to Beitou! It's famous for being a hot spring area, and is influenced from Japanese culture from back when they colonized the island. Although it's way too hot for me to want to go to a hot spring I did some sightseeing and soaked my feet in a public spa. First of all here is the super stylish MRT station:

Right across from the station is the old train station. It's been restored obviously but it has the same Japanese architecture from before. I like all the wood!

I trekked over to a nearby park to try the foot soaking hotspring. I was excited because I remembered how good they were when Albert and I went to Guan zi ling (spelling?) and they had different essential oils/ Chinese medicine inside the water. Well... this time wasn't as good but it was interesting! I was probably the only one there under 50 and definitely the only non-Taiwanese. Most people just sat th…

Breaking the Silence

Well!...I'm done with training! That's basically what's kept me from this blog for the past few weeks. It's been pretty rigorous and I pretty much had only enough energy to eat and sleep between working. Now that that's done I can fill you in on some shenanigans that went on and on one of my day trips outside of the city on a day off.
First- I discovered a pack of semi-wild dogs living inside a park at the MRT station next to mine. They basically sit under this large tree in between the roots and I think of them as guardians of the park, watching over the children and people playing there. Some are friendly but most want to be left alone. I've been really careful around them because of my experiences with Ronan, but I made a soft whistle at them when they walked by and one or two came over and asked to be petted. A large typhoon just came through northern Taiwan and I was worried about them. I don't think anyone takes care of them, but they must get enough…