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Things I miss in Taiwain

(besides family and friends- that's obvious ;) )

 * Good ice cream (Breyers)
* Convenient Ballroom dancing
* VS
* Driving cars
* Better selection of English books
* More to add later

Things I Love About Taiwan

* Hearing a foreign language everywhere I go
* CHEAP food
* CHEAP clothes
* Being able to hug my students
* Hot weather
* Interesting food
.... more to add later!

Evening in Ying Ge

This past Sunday we went to Ying Ge to check out some pottery and ceramics. We went pretty late in the day so we have to go back to finish, but we walked around the inside of the Ceramics museum. We saw some nice teacups and sets in the giftshop and we ended up buying one.... It looks like jade! Really cool!

Hopefully in a few weeks we might be able to go back! Albert is going on a business trip for a week so I'll be a homebody!

I'll post pictures when I can use a computer with java. (Right now it's too much of a hassle.)

Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Adele Blanc-Sec

This weekend was pretty fun! It didn't end up raining (luckily) and I got to do something  both days. Saturday I worked and saw a french film with Albert! Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Adele Blanc-Sec! It was super crazy and funny and I loved it! It's set in the 20th century with teradaktyls (sp), and French speaking mummies and a whole bunch of quirky people. It's worth seeing! especially if you love French.

Sunday I went to San Xia to visit a friend and we had a photoshoot at a hotel.We did our own makeup and hair and clothes and another friend took pictures. I'll post a few when I get the chance.

Oh! and I bought a baby bonsai tree! :)