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Training for New Job

I'm super busy training for a job here. A real update in about a week. :)

The long, bumpy ride


I'm in Taiwan!!!!! Woke up today to a rooster crowing- one's crowing again now, hehe. :sigh of relief: That was a LONG journey. Flew about 10 hours to Tokyo, Japan. We went over Canada, Alaska and some of Russia I think to get there. I don't think I'll ever get used to sleeping in a chair. I am SO grateful I have a bed now. :)

We got to watch four movies: All About Steve, The Informant, The Secret Life of Bees, and one other but I forgot it. I REALLY loved The Secret Life of Bees! I won't tell you why 'cause it'll spoil the whole movie, but it's about African Americans during the civil rights movement and a girl who thinks she's unloved. It's so good I want to read the book.

So, long flight, the landing in Tokyo was horrible. We had turbulence on the way down and I felt so dizzy and uncomfortable. It was like my heart all of the sudden fell down to my stomach and then way up to my head. It would have been much more bearable if we weren…

Some Complications

So it turns out I won't be leaving until Friday. We were five minutes late for check-in and Friday's the net possible flight.