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Tokyo, Japan (July 19, 2013)

Hi everybody! So this is long overdue, but here's what our trip to Japan was like! We got to Tokyo on Friday. Originally, we wanted to go to three places: Shinjuku Garden, the Meiji Shrine, and Shibuya Station to see the statue of Hachiko the dog. However, time only allowed for two so we skipped out on the garden. On entering the country we had to take the subway, infamous for packing people in like sardines and men groping any girl they see. Well, if you take a look at this picture you can see that we didn't have that kind of experience at all.

Our first stop was the Meiji-jingu Shrine. We had to walk part of the way and I ended up getting to use what little Japanese I can speak. I asked a local cop: “Sumimasen. Meiji-jingu doko desu ka?” (Excuse me. Where is Meiji-Jingu?) and he said, “Asoko desu.” (Over there.) I was so thrilled at such a simple exchange. I’m easily pleased I guess. ;)

 So this “arch” or “O-torii” is the entrance to Meiji-Jingu. It’s a nice forest with a …

Studying Break

Hi everyone! I'm taking a Chinese proficiency test coming up November 2nd and 3rd, so I'm not going to post anything until after then. (Gotta study!!!) I have lots of things to show you about my previous Japan and China trips so I'll get to that really soon!

Wish me luck!

Hong Kong in August

Finally I have some time to share my travels in China! First stop was Hong Kong, because I needed to get my Chinese visa there. PRETTY expensive, let me say... A Taiwanese person doesn't even need to pay US$3 to get their visa... I'm a little jealous.

We landed in Hong Kong late Saturday night (August 17th) but we went out for a Sichuan style dinner with our friend who was coming with us for a week in China. It was a nice taste of what was to come later when we trek around the Sichuan province. Our restaurant was in Soho and the area is nice and quaint. It's quite a shock to see so many non-Hong Kong-ese people there. Turns out most of the foreign population lives in Soho. The locals are extremely extremely friendly there though!

We spent three days in Hong Kong before heading off to Beijing. I got to go Salsa dancing for the first time in three years!!! And saw some neat paintings...portraits of Chinese women with jade-green backgrounds. Here's some pics!

 These are…

The Hong Kong Life

Saturday night we flew into Hong Kong so I could apply for a Chinese visa on Monday. Sunday I had a great time salsa dancing. It was my first time in over three years. :'( today I applied for a visa and I will hopefully pick it up tomorrow. Then well be flying straight to Beijing!

A little announcement...

I'm engaged! I'm lucky- I get to have a celebration in Taiwan and in America. I'll share more details when I have some! PS- We're going to Tokyo for the weekend! :)

月下老人, the Taiwanese god of romance

A few months ago in Chinese class we learned a little bit about 月下老人, or "the old man of the moonlight." He is worshipped in many temples in Taiwan and I first got to meet him in Tainan I believe.

His legend is as follows:
In the Tang Dynasty a man named Wei Gu found an old man sitting under a tree during a full moon. This man was holding a thick book and a bag full of red strings. Wei Gu asked this man who he was and why he had those objects. Yue Lao (月下老人) said that in his book is the list of all the marriages that have been/are/will be, and the red strings are used to bind soulmates together. Wei Gu didn't believe in Yue Lao's power so Yue Lao pointed out a nanny caring a baby. He said that the baby will be Wei Gu's future wife. Wei Gu didn't like that idea so he ordered his servant to stab the baby to death. Years later Wei Gu ends up marrying the baby, because she wasn't fatally wounded in the attack.

Now people pay respects to 月下老人 in order to as…