Hong Kong in August

Finally I have some time to share my travels in China! First stop was Hong Kong, because I needed to get my Chinese visa there. PRETTY expensive, let me say... A Taiwanese person doesn't even need to pay US$3 to get their visa... I'm a little jealous.

We landed in Hong Kong late Saturday night (August 17th) but we went out for a Sichuan style dinner with our friend who was coming with us for a week in China. It was a nice taste of what was to come later when we trek around the Sichuan province. Our restaurant was in Soho and the area is nice and quaint. It's quite a shock to see so many non-Hong Kong-ese people there. Turns out most of the foreign population lives in Soho. The locals are extremely extremely friendly there though!

We spent three days in Hong Kong before heading off to Beijing. I got to go Salsa dancing for the first time in three years!!! And saw some neat paintings...portraits of Chinese women with jade-green backgrounds. Here's some pics!

Locals taking pictures of a 7-11??????

Inside of a restaurant

Got to sleep in.. yay!!!!
These are a couple small shrines to TuDiGong... the "earth god" often worshipped in Taiwan
In the airport, on the way to Beijing. This person was REALLY tired!


Here's a little video I made!!!


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