Last Friday was Bodily Functions Day At School

So this past Friday was pretty exciting toward the end of the day. Here's what happened: two of my kids threw up. One threw up on a teacher. Another one farted on me, and when I was helping them in the bathroom a little girl came in and peed all over the floor through her clothes!!! It was pretty crazy!

PS- Rachel it was one of your hippos! :'( "Eli-buh-buh"


  1. Rach!
    hahahaa i know JUST which little crazy girl you're talking about! love it! so, who is teaching the Hippo class this year? How is everything going at Hsin Hu?
    Will you do me a big favor- go give a big hug "from me" to Beth, Eisa, and Kelly, ok? tell them I love them!
    Love you all and miss you!

  2. Hey, Teacher Leanne is teaching Hippos. She's REALLY nice and has a great manner with the kids. Things are going fine at Xin Hu- we're going to start doing exercise time in two buildings next week. Other than that nothing much new. I have two crazy kids in my yoyo class. One is hands down the naughtiest kid in school- he hits and bullies the other kids. The other is super shy and always has her hands down her pants playing with her butt!

    I'll give your CTs your love! :) Miss you! Glad you're having a good time in Saipan! Looks beautiful!


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