Just Moved into Downtown Taipei City!

So I just moved into my permanent place in Taipei. Email me if you want my address. We have a Taiwanese roommate who teaches Chinese to foreigners. :) She's super nice.

Here's a couple videos from a night trip Albert and I took to a temple in the mountains with our newly acquired scooter. (March 20)

Just briefly, I love all of my classes- especially the toddlers! - and I'm still super happy to be here! :)


  1. Rachel, I love the video. Such a different culture than here. I would love to see it some day too. Glad you are settled into your new place. I would love your address .... Grandma Genny is already worrying about where she is going to send your birthday card. So please e-mail it to me. Be careful on the scooter. Okay I just had to say that .... it's the momther in me. Love ya, Aunt Val

  2. I'll send it to you right now :)


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