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Going Around Taiwan (West Coast)

the city of: Taizhong! (Day 7)

Taizhong is the third-largest city in Taiwan. It's not as developed as Taipei or Gaoxiong- no subway system. However, it is said to be the city with the best weather in Taiwan- not to cold, not too hot, not too rainy. The Museum of Natural Science is really neat. It has life-size dinosaur skeletons and a pair of moving T-rexes. It also has a section on life and death and the rituals in different countries. It's really too much to take in in one visit. I wanted to stay longer! Sorry! No subtitles for this one!


Going Around Taiwan (West Coast)

Day 6 continued... Baguashan! (aka Great Buddha Scenic Area)
It was getting dark by the time we got to Baguashan (which literally means "three trigrams mountain"). It's a famous park with a 22m statue of Buddha in Changhua city (super close to Taizhong).
There was a guy selling taiwanese ice cream. He had a cart and beeped a horn while saying "ba-boo ba-boo."

There was also a cool fountain that performed to classical music.

Going Around Taiwan (West Coast)

the city of: Lugang (Day 6)
Lugang is the second oldest city in Taiwan- also close to Taizhong. It's famous for its handicrafts and has lots of Qing-era architecture. It's also home to the famous "breast-touching lane."

Lugang used to be a very important harbor, and then became overrun with warlords and crime. Now it's perfectly safe and a great place to go shopping and see some historical temples.

It was around lunch time when we came there from SanYi so we stopped by the Tian Hou temple market to get the famous "shrimp monkeys" and "oyster omlete."

Tian Hou temple is dedicated to Mazu, the ocean goddess. It has lots of bright colors and was very lively with the market and graduating students taking pictures there.

Mo Lu Lane, aka "breast-touching lane" or "gentleman's lane" is named because it's so narrow. When walking through it, chests of passing pedestrians will touch. It's called "gentleman's la…