Going Around Taiwan (West Coast)

the area around: Taizhong City Part 1! QingJing Farm!
We rented a car in Tainan and drove it to the place we stayed near Taizhong. Then the next day we drove out towards the center of Taiwan to visit a farm famous for its sheep! All we did was have fun with the animals and enjoy the beautiful scenery so just enjoy the pictures! :) It reminded me so much of the Sound of Music- I wanted to burst out in song!
There was a couple taking wedding pictures there with the sheep!
There was a very unusual foreigner there. He spoke french and carried an umbrella to keep out of the sun, like all the Taiwanese girls do here!
I got to go on a super short ride on a horse! :)
Yuck! I don't know exactly what to say about that. But it's from New Zealand! EW!!!!!! Animal cruelty!!!!


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