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Heh heh... I've come back to life! O:-) Sorry it's been a long hiatus. Lots of things have happened since.... December! Can you guess where I am right now? Narita airport in Japan! I'm on my way to Michigan (but stopping in Seattle for a few hours first). I'm really excited to be going back to America! I miss the food (SO MUCH), the tv, the culture, (and my family of course but that goes without being said ;) ). It's going to be VERY strange though, not being around Taiwanese people and having to speak English all the time. I think I've become a little more Asian, being here for so long... Lots of people avoid confrontation and conflict here so I'm getting to be really sensitive to other peoples' feelings. I'm afraid I'm going to think everyone in America is too pushy when I go back. And I'm used to being average sized here... I'm going to feel like an ant pretty soon!

And the urge to speak Chinese is going to be an embarassing problem. …