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Same Old Same Old...

Nothing much to talk about/no time. Still working like a dog- 6 days a week. I love my classes though! The 2-3 year olds are my fav! It feels like they're my own kids sometimes. Their English comprehension is so much better and so is my Chinese comp. because of them. I hesitate to say anything I learn from them though, because I don't want to get laughed at for speaking baby-talk. I'm going to try to make a couple videos soon- about nightmarkets and Taipei 101.

Love everyone and miss you! But I'm also super happy here! So glad I went!

Busy Busy Busy....

Yuck! Last week was super busy and LONG! I'm starting to notice all of the unpaid hours I'm working (grading homework, writing progress reports, calculating grades)... This week won't get any better. I have to make phone calls to students after 8pm every night but Friday and Saturday. Luckily, I will get paid for it....

I got a chance to go to Taipei 101 last night. We couldn't go to the top because we didn't have NT$1000 to spare. Instead, we went into the Taipei 101 Mall. There were a lot of super expensive stores: Louis Vuitton, L'oreal, etc. It was fun to look in.

I'll have to find time to put up some pictures. I don't have much. I am working on a video for Taipei 101- I have to wait until we get to the top first!

It's Saturday night and I'm still working! :P I have to grade homework, plan for next week, and write a play by Monday. Two of my classes will have performances in a couple months- I need to write and direct a play for one, and choreograph a couple songs for toddlers for the second one.

I'm in the process of putting my photos on Picasa (google) because it would be more convenient for both me and you. When it's done I'll make sure to put up the links.

I want to try to go see one thing in Taiwan each weekend, and tonight or tomorrow I want to try to go to Taipei 101!

I almost forgot...

Happy Easter, everybody!!!!!!!! I miss my Easter basket. :'(

Just Moved into Downtown Taipei City!

So I just moved into my permanent place in Taipei. Email me if you want my address. We have a Taiwanese roommate who teaches Chinese to foreigners. :) She's super nice.

Here's a couple videos from a night trip Albert and I took to a temple in the mountains with our newly acquired scooter. (March 20)

Just briefly, I love all of my classes- especially the toddlers! - and I'm still super happy to be here! :)