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Let's End the Week with Two More! ;)

This Friday came about and we had two more raids! Woohoo! No......

I had brought my computer in to show my kids some videos and it's not exactly light. Somehow I grabbed it and my bag as I ran out. This time it was not funny, just awkward. We all ran to Starbucks again- it's the only place nearby where we can sit down and wait. Then at lunch time we were told that it will happen again in the afternoon and we should go now and wait till they give us a call to come back... maybe we wouldn't be able to teach in the afternoon at all. So we waited in our usual place and played crosswords together for an hour. Then we were told we could just go home.

(Sorry it's blurry- bad lighting)

Yesterday, (Saturday) we had our Christmas party for the students and parents. We've been practicing and getting ready for this since Parent's Day which was last month. Each class had to do a 7-10 minute performance. Two songs: one in English and one in either Japanese or French. I had…

Two in One Day!

Today was super hilarious- got raided twice today. Totally out of the blue! When you see someone pointing at you, saying "Go go!" you just run and get out of the building. Second time was at the end of the day and I was in the middle of eating a guava. I got the signal and I threw my guava in the direction of the table, grabbed my stuff and ran to my other classroom to get my shoes. I burst in on their Chinese time and say "WO DE XIE ZI!" (my shoes) Someone grabs them for me in a panic. My socks were inside but I didn't have a grip on them so as I run out the door my socks fly everywhere. So I'm running on the street in my bare feet because no time to put them on. One of my students managed to give another teacher one of my socks while they were getting out though.

Everything's fine and no harm done. It was just really funny. This hasn't happened in a long time, and never twice in one day. I wasn't allowed to go back in and clean up that guava.…