Let's End the Week with Two More! ;)

This Friday came about and we had two more raids! Woohoo! No......

I had brought my computer in to show my kids some videos and it's not exactly light. Somehow I grabbed it and my bag as I ran out. This time it was not funny, just awkward. We all ran to Starbucks again- it's the only place nearby where we can sit down and wait. Then at lunch time we were told that it will happen again in the afternoon and we should go now and wait till they give us a call to come back... maybe we wouldn't be able to teach in the afternoon at all. So we waited in our usual place and played crosswords together for an hour. Then we were told we could just go home.
(Sorry it's blurry- bad lighting)

Yesterday, (Saturday) we had our Christmas party for the students and parents. We've been practicing and getting ready for this since Parent's Day which was last month. Each class had to do a 7-10 minute performance. Two songs: one in English and one in either Japanese or French. I had my older class do "All I Want for Christmas Is You" and they did a partner dance- kinda like swing. They have been doing great in rehearsals but it didn't go perfectly on the day of. First, we were called way before we were ready. One kid didn't show up so someone almost didn't have a partner. Two boys were goofing off the whole time and didn't dance- so their partners cried. Some kids got confused and forgot the order of the moves... BUT, what matters is they're having fun and smiling... and the parents were happy! My younger kids did "Here Comes Santa Claus" just danced by themselves in two lines. They were so cute and happy. It went very well I think. A couple of kids were very naughty the whole day because they knew they could get away with it with their parents around. Someone kept hitting everyone around them on purpose! One kid was so into the song that he kept shouting the same line over and over again "Here comes Santa Claus!" and clapping. He should be in a gospel choir or something! He was so cute and really went all out.
(I look like my mom ;) )

After the performances, each class went to different classrooms to do an activity or play a game. We had a cupcake decorating activity, decorating a small wreath, an obstacle course, and then they could take a picture with Santa (one of our teachers got to dress up as him). I think it was a very fun event for everyone. All the teachers did a great job! :)

After that we got to go to the Hyatt Hotel for dinner (DELICIOUS!).

Next week we get to teach the kids Christmas vocab!

Other than that, my rabbits are getting bigger... and mature.... We need to get them fixed! They're close to being housebroken, but Sugarpush is getting really aggressive with Pepperpot. He chases him around and bites him for no reason. I think it's the hormones. I think fixing them will help with that- I hope! :crosses fingers:

So Christmas will be next weekend. It's going to be strange celebrating it without my family this year! Gotta create new traditions I guess. I painted a picture of a Christmas tree instead of buying one. And maybe I'll try to cook. Who knows!


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