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In a little grass shack in Hawaii

Another week has passed and I haven't gotten myself into gear with those photos.... O:-) (I will I will I will!) It's just me and my roomie for a couple weeks because someone lucky gets to go on a business trip around the world (literally). Yesterday we saw a lion dance show together. It was meant for tourists so granted it wasn't completely authentic, but it was still awesome to see! The lion acted just like a big dog- it was so adorable! There were lots of tumbling and stunts too!

A typhoon is close to Taiwan right now. It's just passing us by so there's lots of rain.

What else is new? I got a bike! It's new ... only because it was going to be a pain to find the perfect used bike. But it's silver and her name is Stella. Now I can ride to the library! :D

I tried hula dancing class with my roommate and it was pretty fun! Very relaxing and it's hard not to be happy when you hear hula music. I think I'll try a few more classes this summer.

I made tuna…

This Coming Weekend....

...will be busy. My classes have graduation performances on Saturday so I don't think I'll have time to add more to the China trip series this weekend. (I will try!)

Just wanted to let y'all know... <3

First Installment of the China Trip

  So here's the real scoop on Hong Kong and China-- it's a FABULOUS place to visit! And it looks like everyone else knows it too, because it's become one of the most popular places for vacations. So, needless to say, TOO MANY TOURISTS.

For me I say my vacation started Monday, May 23rd, because although I had to work.... I was having a blast, which, unfortunately, isn't something that happens every day. Everyone at school seemed really happy- no stressing about upcoming events and I got to do my favorite thing with my kids: art projects!!!!! :)

But, technically, I didn't have a real break until the next day when I got to fly out to Hong Kong! We were only there to get my Chinese visa, but I really really want to go back. Hong Kong is super trendy. It's big, but everything's closely packed in. You can get lots of places by walking or short taxi rides and it's pretty foreign friendly, since it was owned by the British for a hundred years (or so... I'…