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Chinese Song Contest

Guess what I did last night? :)

I got fourth place, and NT $5,000 off my next semester's tuition! (That's a little more than $150 USD!) Can't believe it!

The top three singers were all very good- and they've had lots of vocal training and won other contests I heard.

My classmate also did a great job- he went all out and rented an Elvis costume for it.

He also brought some fans....

It was a lot of fun! So glad I did it!


So I'm in the middle of doing what I want- I'm taking intensive 5 day a week Chinese classes (3 hours each), and teaching kindergarten in the afternoon. Things are really too busy though! The kids have to do an English performance in May and they have to take a standardized test (that's poorly written) that will determine what my raise will be. I'm also doing a Chinese singing contest tomorrow- first prize will be a semester for free! I'm singing "Green Island Serenade." It's a song about Taiwan's Green Island and how beautiful and poetic it is there. Here's a link to the song:

Soooooo nervous! Really hope I win!!!!!!!