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Another quick update before the week starts

Hello everybody....

I thought I was going to have time to put up some pictures and write a long blog entry, but there's just no way it's going to happen.

But I'm doing fine- just super busy with work. We move into the new apartment Thursday and hopefully then I can start taking Chinese classes.

The classes I'm teaching are going great- I have a wide range of ages and I like them all in different ways. I think the younger ones are my favorite.

I can't believe it's going to be April already!

PS- I got a potted cactus and the spines are turning brown.... what should I do?

I still love being here! :)


Really quick update before I run off to work-

Last night I went to a Chinese Medicine place and got acupuncture and suction cup therapy for my cold and post-nasal drip allergies! It was fun- apparently my inner heat is overflowing and it's dry heat... whatever that means. :)

The Jade Cabbage

Just a quick update while I'm trying to survive this week. I officially have a cold!!!! I was feeling a bit under the weather since I've been here but it was just mild head cold symptoms/allergies going haywire. Now my nose is stuffed, my throat's been sore/itchy. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow!

I started teaching my classes. It's demanding but I love it so far, especially the young ones.

Albert and I found a dance studio to start going to (when I get better). I'm really excited-- it's run by two professional dancers and I saw them compete a few weekends ago (where I also saw the top 7 couples in the world).

I went to the National Palace Museum this weekend with some friends. It has artifacts 2000 or more B.C. (no "E" here in this blog hehe :P). It was really interesting- we saw a cabbage carved out of a piece of jade. It was my favorite part! A little disappointing it wasn't as big as I thought it would be, but still impressive. We saw some c…

Settled in at Neihu