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What week is this again?

Still feeling equally busy with the training schedule but less pressure now that I passed the tests on what I've been doing. Now I get to learn more administrative stuff and practice everything else. I'm starting to feel pretty comfortable with everything and am getting excited to open our store. Working in the front I get stared at because I'm clearly not Asian but I'm used to it. I think i confuse a lot of people because some customers even asked me if I'm Taiwanese after hearing me speak Chinese. Pretty good compliment though!

Weeks 3 & 4: Hmmm okay

I haven't posted in a while because I've been so busy with training and studying for tests. I've moved up from the kitchen and learned how to make drinks for customers and also take orders and work the cash register. I even got to try helping customers in Chinese! It's successful but slow and awkward because the phrases I have to memorize and say are a mouthful. Working in the front is fun and a good brain workout because you have to memorize tiny detailed steps in a specific order, but it's also fast paced and high pressured because customers are waiting for you. Let's just say it's been a large learning curve for me but now I feel like I'm starting to catch up to how fast the actual employees are. Another challenge that adds to my experience and the ideas I have to process is that there actually is not much English support because the store is so busy, and Ive had to learn to read the labels on drinks in Chinese to make them. However, I can tell I'…