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First Time going to KTV!

KTV is a really popular past-time in Taiwan. Basically it's karaoke but you and your friends have a private room to hang out, sing, eat food and have fun in! I've been in Taiwan over two years and I'm sad to say this was only my first time going. I went with my Chinese class and IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!

The cafeteria area was super cool. You could get all kinds of food and drinks and you have it sent down to your floor where you can pick it up (instead of carrying it down an escalator).

I tried singing a Taiwanese song I had Albert teach me. It's still not perfect- Taiwanese is super hard to pronounce! But I had so much fun! Going again next week with my coworkers! :D

A momentary detour

Happy Independence Day! :) (please don't be cruel)

Miss home a lot recently! Wish I was there to see the fireworks and see my family!

PS- I finished reading an autobiography of Fred Astaire... working on Lauren Bacall's now. :D

I'll continue to post about the trip around Taiwan. Haven't had the time to sit down for that yet. CHINESE TESTS!!!!