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Tokyo, Japan (July 19, 2013)

Hi everybody! So this is long overdue, but here's what our trip to Japan was like! We got to Tokyo on Friday. Originally, we wanted to go to three places: Shinjuku Garden, the Meiji Shrine, and Shibuya Station to see the statue of Hachiko the dog. However, time only allowed for two so we skipped out on the garden. On entering the country we had to take the subway, infamous for packing people in like sardines and men groping any girl they see. Well, if you take a look at this picture you can see that we didn't have that kind of experience at all.

Our first stop was the Meiji-jingu Shrine. We had to walk part of the way and I ended up getting to use what little Japanese I can speak. I asked a local cop: “Sumimasen. Meiji-jingu doko desu ka?” (Excuse me. Where is Meiji-Jingu?) and he said, “Asoko desu.” (Over there.) I was so thrilled at such a simple exchange. I’m easily pleased I guess. ;)

 So this “arch” or “O-torii” is the entrance to Meiji-Jingu. It’s a nice forest with a …