The Weekly Burn-out

I wanted to give another (short) update because I know people in general (my mom included) are worried about what's happening in Japan and how it might affect things in Taiwan. As of right now I am very safe and plan to continue working here. I'm not an expert in where the radiation will go- (I kinda don't have much time now that I'm a part-time student), but I do know that it will be very unlikely to come here...and if it does it won't be dangerous. It's really horrible what Japan is going through right now and I can't bear to watch the news, but I'm going to do whatever I can to help from afar. (We might do a bake sale at our school)

On a lighter note, we've moved! Nothing is unpacked and it's a mess right now, but I really like the new place and I can't wait to make some paintings and decorate it. We got a Wii!!!!! So if I can figure out how to game online, maybe you can battle me (ahem, Jeff ;) ). I got Glee Karaoke, MarioKart, the original Mario games, and Super Smash Bros. :)

Once I get my scanner up I'll show you my Chinese homework/tests!!! :) I'm so excited at the progress I've made. The first worksheet we did in class I could only write in pinyin (English alphabet) and no characters. In the last worksheet we did I was able to write the answers in all Chinese characters.... no pinyin at alll!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!

So I will post pictures and things later when we get more settled. Just want to let my family know I'm okay and will be fine. If Taiwan does become a dangerous placed to live I will be on the first flight out of here, don't worry!!!!



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