Claude & Camille

Lately, I've been reading this really great book by Stephanie Cowell about Claude Monet and the love of his life Camille. I've always enjoyed looking at Impressionist paintings but I've never really felt a deep connection to them before this book. It's a novel based on a lot of research so I think it's historically accurate (with some gaps filled in by the author's imagination).

So right now I can't get enough of Monet's paintings and the rest of the Impressionists as well (Bazille, Pisarro, Degas, Manet, etc). Learning about Monet's life and his friendships with these artists has been really interesting and inspiring. In fact, there is an exhibition of Monet's waterlily paintings in Taipei right now... As soon as I finish the book I want to go see them!

I also want to get back into painting again, since I have a brand new empty apartment to decorate. :) I think I'll start making a replica Monet's La Promenade (below). It's of Camille and his son.

BTW- Monet was more interested in painting landscapes than portraits, and when he did portraits they were almost always of Camille. I think that says something. <3


  1. Hey Rach!
    So proud of you and how much you're learning Chinese. Go girl! So this weekend me and my friends watched Burlesque and it was SO good. i totally thought of you b/c guess who's in it... Julianne Hough! Love you and glad you're doing well. Hi to everyone at Hsin Hu :)

  2. You should go to the Monet Museum in France! Have your picture taken on the Monet Bridge! :)

  3. Rachel! I saw Burlesque and when I got in the theater I realized Julianne Hough was in it and I FREAKED OUT with joy!!!! She totally reminds me of you- that's the strange thing! :)

    Aie Jeff- rub it in. :P You got your picture taken there didn't you? ;)


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