Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Last weekend I got to do something AMAZING! Something I haven't done in a long time and I can't believe I waited until now...


I went to an awesome dance studio called Tanguisimo, which happens to be the only place to dance Argentine Tango in Taiwan. (At least according to what I can find, only being able to read English right now) I went to one of their Saturday night milongas and it was very romantic! There were small  tables and chairs set up around the dance floor with dimmed lights and tango music playing... I thought I would have forgotten how to dance it but it's really not hard to follow if you know the basic.

They ended up announcing to everyone that it was my first time there, kinda kewwwl and crazy. And because of that I met someone who asked me if I ever danced A. tango in Ann Arbor. O.O Hey! That's where I first learned it! And it was the first dance I ever studied! What an awesome coincidence to meet someone who danced there too!

Oh, and the other thing that made my night... Two different people said I looked French. ;)

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