Coming Home...

So I got to go home for Chinese New Year! (January 18-29) Only one week, and it wasn't enough! :'( I got to see my family of course, visit with awesome friends, and eat my mom's delicious food. Living abroad and coming back really made me appreciate a lot of things in America. For example:
  • Shampoo that's meant for my hair type (wavyyyyyyy)
  • Nice scented body wash (I'm not exactly a fan of milk or lavender or random nonspecified smell. Although I am starting to like lavender now)
  • THE RADIO (It's so nice to have more than one English station. That means you can choose to listen to a bigger variety of musical genres!!!!!)
  • My fav tv stations (Didn't have the time to watch much since it was on Fox News all the time, however. No comment!)
  • Access to a whole bunch of movies (Haven't figured out how to rent things by myself here yet)
  • Bras that fit and are not covered in every possible girly cute thing you can find. Lace, ribbons, pearls, ruffles... just pick one please! (I came home from a shopping trip. The first thing my Grandma says is "Did you get yer bra?" and my brother bursts out laughing uncontrollably. It's still funny!)
  • Magazines in English....
  • Driving a car! I got to drive my Dad's pick up truck. That was a first! It's been a year and I was so nervous because I'm used to spacing out when I'm riding a bus, mrt, taxi, scooter. I'm not a very aggressive driver anyways so switching lanes and turning are always a nightmare for me. I also wasn't looking forward to parking. BUT it ended up going perfectly! I was very surprised and proud of myself. I ended up liking that truck a lot! ;) Wish I could've kept it!
Lots of other things too! Love the food- had to have an Olga, American Chinese food, Red Robin, Noodles and Company ooh and ravioli! Don't forget the normal tasting cake and ice cream! AND Pink champagne!

If I had more time I would've gotten myself a burrito, nachos, anything with ranch dressing on it..... My mouth is watering already just thinking about it! Let's move on to a new topic. OH YEAH! The time was way too short. The only thing I didn't miss was the cold weather! :-P

When will I come back? Hopefully soon! Permanently? Maybe....;-)


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