Back in Taipei

Hey everybody!

I had a safe flight back to Taiwan. Whew, it was really long but the turbulence wasn't that bad. We got to hang out in the Tokyo airport for an hour, and I saw a lot of movies this time. Eat Pray Love (again), Despicable Me, Four Christmases, Salt. They were all pretty good. I liked EPL better the second time around. I swear I feel like I know that Brazilian guy she ends up with. I just can't figure out who he reminds me of.

So I had a lot of fun being back home. I can't believe how much I miss America. Got to see some family, and some friends ;) and Dante!!! I finished this gorgeous dress I was working on before I moved to Taiwan... but it kinda turned into a disaster! It ended up being too small on top, and bulgy in places... and I burned/melted the fabric with an iron..... that I destroyed... :'( But it was a good try I think. I think my next sewing project will be to just make a tablecloth.

But anyways, I'm back. I took a couple days off so I could rest from all the traveling... but I feel weird not working. Plenty of unpacking to keep me busy though.


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