Back in High School Again....

Halloo everybody! Sorry I'm behind with my blog. I just started a new intensive Chinese class after work so I'm completely booked 3 days a week. And I have a feeling, I'll be busy studying the rest of the days. This is the first week and already I can see how much work I'll be doing... AND HOW MUCH I'LL BE LEARNING!!! I'm excited!!!!

So here's the dealio: It's the second semester of a reading,writing, speaking, listening course. Which means I'm behind- can't read or write. So I needs to catch up reaaaal bad. Speaking-wise, it's the right fit for me at least. But here's the catch.... I'm taking class with high school students.... 16... 17 year olds. AAAAAAAGH!!!!

But it's all good. They're from all over the world- France (yuppee), Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia... another Latin American country, USA... So it's fun to hear all those languages. And they're young so they got energy and like entertaining everybody. The problem is that they aren't here because they want to be in school. They're not paying for it. So there's the usual problems like talking in class (not in Chinese even!), eating food, or cell phones ringing. I'm the only 2_ year old and working individual. And I can identify with the teacher because I taught older kids for a little while. Sometimes I feel like I'm actually back in high school again with the dynamic of the class. I just hope she doesn't treat me as if I am a teenager. Oh well!

I still miss my Mexican family - especially now that I got a classmate from there! Love you all!


Okay time to take a detour and talk about field trips. Most of you remember going on them when you were a kid, and some of you know what it's like to take classes on field trips. I just want to take the time to tell you what it's like to go on a field trip in Taiwan. First of all- hats off to all teachers, because getting 20 some kids to stay together and walk through a public place is pretty darn difficult AND NERVEWRACKING!!! So thank youuuuuuuu, former teachers, for not losing me or letting stranger grab me. The next thing I wanna say is that people here think it's OKAY to come up to a group of students they don't know and talk and touch them as if they're part of their family. It's downright weird and inappropriate. Other people like to take pictures of our kids- whyyyyy WHY would you want to do that? They're not your kids! And you can find pictures of cute kids online. It's not like it's a rare thing to see a little kid in public. I don't get it. Theeeen, you got the people who like to talk about me (OOOOOH Foreigner! Must be American!!) right in front of me. Yeah, I understand their Chinese- so I tend to freak them out a little bit when I look them in the eye and come into their conversation. There's also the occasional high school class that comes to the same place we're going and they take the opportunity to make fun and speak English to me. (Today I got: "Hey, Sexy") Yup....

But although it sounds like field trips are the worst days - it's actually fun to get the kids out of the school and show them things in real life... even if you have to fend off the rest of the public.


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