Zhongwen Ke! (Chinese progress)

I can't get the scanner to work so I'm taking low quality pictures to give you the exclusive scoop on the amazing stuff happening the past month. I started this class not knowing how to read or write a single Chinese character. Let me tell you- without an alphabet this was an extra challenge.

Okay I lied, I could write
But let me not drag this one out and show you the before: (and the after)


I could only write really simple characters from looking at the worksheet. The rest I wrote in pinyin (the established phonetic alphabet for Chinese).

Take a look at what I can do now:

Zero pinyin! I can write these characters in the first draft without writing pinyin first. Yes, I have to look in my dictionary for some of them but I AM SOOOOO proud of how fast I've been able to pick up this skill. No, I've not caught up yet with the other students who've taken a semester of Chinese before me, BUT I'm getting there.

Just don't ask me to test and remember how to write characters without my book.....
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4

Truth is I don't have the time to study except on some weekends. I only have time to go to class... well at least for now with my current work schedule. Those 40%s are killing me. I know I can get 100% if I took the chance to study. Right now, however, it wouldn't be worth it to cut into my sleeping time - I don't want to go to work tired and underperform. Still, I know I'm learning so much and I will try to do some major cramming sessions on Saturdays.

But most of all, don't show these scores to Albert! :P ;)

(Next time maybe I'll show you how to write Chinese characters using a smart-phone ;) )


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