Teaching = Cheerleader?

So I get to do something special up until the 15th (this Saturday). A few branches in my school's company are hosting a Sports Day for students and parents. It's going to be basically a mini-olympics for the older students in kindergarten. There's going to be an opening ceremony, games and everything. What's even more is that there will be a half-time cheerleading show. Woohoo!

It's actually pretty outrageous if you know more of the details. We're doing some mild choreography which include lifts and other stunts. (notice we're not professionals) We've been practicing at least one day every week- five hours at a time. We don't get home until after 1am, which is not inconvient if it's not a weeknight. I really hope we get some compensation for these extra, late-night hours!

This week will be intense because we're practicing every night except Tuesday (tomorrow). I hope everything goes well for the big show on Saturday! Everyone's working really hard and they deserve a huge pat on the back!


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