Finally, an update!

Hey all! Sorry for being silent for a while. Life has been really busy and I've just been going and going... no time to really sit down. What have I been up to?

Well... three-hour Chinese classes in the morning, teaching kindergarten in the afternoon and private tutoring in the evening. Even Saturdays I'm tutoring! Whew! So tiring! But...I need the money to pay for tuition and rent. I take a lot of pictures but they're mostly of my students and their art projects. If you want to see them just message me and I can show you! :)

I am going to Indonesia for a week's vacation this Saturday and I'm really excited to see the gorgeous landscapes and the famous temples AND the beach! Most of my classmates are from Indonesia so it'll be fun to see where they come from. I'm also learning Bahasa Indonesian so we won't have any problem communicating while we're there! :) I will for sure post about the trip when I get back so look for that! I will try harder to post more!


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