Tian'an Men Square (Beijing, China)

Tian'an Men Square (天安門廣場) means "The Gate of Heavenly Peace." It's the fourth largest city square in the world at 440,000 m2. In it you'll find the Monument to the People's Heroes, the Great Hall of the People (the seat of Chinese legislature), China National Museum, Mao's Mausoleum where you can see his preserved body, and you can enter the Forbidden City.

Although often remembered for the Tian-an Men Square massacre, where student protestors were killed, our tour guide mentioned that many people hang out here to keep cool during the summer and save on their AC bills. It was definitely packed with people (tourists and locals).
 Here's the Monument to the People's Heroes (1958). It's dedicated to the martyrs of the Chinese revolution. I felt sorry for the guard- it was super hot that day.
 (Monument to the People's Heroes again)
 This is the China National Museum. Supposedly you can see exhibits of the Revolution. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to visit it during both of my times in Beijing.
 And in the background here you can see the Great Hall of the People.
And on this side of Tian'an Men Square is the entrance to the Forbidden City. Notice the communist signs and the huge eyesore picture of Chairman Mao. I'm sure someone will get offended when I say this but, it reminds me of a scene in the film Animal Farm (1954). The Forbidden City is an invaluable historical center meant to house and honor the emperors, but that's just my opinion.

Tian'an Men Square is just a buildup to the awesomeness you'll find in the Forbidden Palace. Next entry is going to be all about that! ;)


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