Sun Moon Lake (Wen Wu Temple)

I got a lucky week's vacation in July and decided to revisit Sun Moon Lake and Kenting. I only got to bike around part of the lake last time I visited so this time I took in more of the major sites. There are two important temples here: Wen Wu Temple and Xuan Zang Temple. Wen Wu temple is unusual because most temples in Taiwan are Daoist. This one, however, is dedicated to Confucius! Here are some pictures:

This is the name "Sun Moon Lake" in Chinese. It's named after the shape of the lake. When the Japanese occupied Taiwan they dammed up part of the lake in order to generate hydroelectricity, resulting in one half of the lake shaped like a round sun and the other half like a crescent moon.

Look at how blue the waters are! I wanted to swim in them!

Here is the front of Wen Wu Temple. It's huge!

Can you spot Albert?

I like these turtle/lion creatures. Wish I knew what they were called!

There were three large halls in the temple. This is the entrance to one of them.

I believe one of these gods is the god of martial arts. Can't recognize any of them though.

The carvings were magnificent!

This is the supposed weapon of the god of martial arts. Yep, I look weird. I know. ;)

Here's Confucius!!

Can you see Albert in this picture? lol jk

The temple had a great view of the lake and of the surrounding land. It was really fun to visit and appreciate the art!


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