So what's going on again?

I'm not sure everyone's up to speed on my plans for Taiwan, why/when I'm going, etc. So here's a quick summary!

Summer 2009: Found out I got into EMU for Fall 09 graduate program in Speech Pathology. Weeks later found out they made a mistake and I actually didn't get in because the class list was full. Possibility that Albert may have to go back to Taiwan in January. Started to think about going there for a year to teach English. Reapplied to EMU for Winter semester, doubting I'd have any better luck.
November 2009: Found out I got into EMU for the Winter 09 graduate program in Speech Pathology. Though they were tricking me again so went to make sure it's true. (It was! :D) Asked for a deferment for a year so I could make tuition money in Taiwan (teaching English). Woohoo! Permission granted, but wouldn't give me an official statement. Have multiple emails saying I have a spot for next year, however.

So now the plan is to go with Albert to Taiwan late January and come back December 2009. I can either apply for a job online now or wait till I get there. You only need to be a native English speaker and have a BA in anything to be hired. It pays ~$30/hr and the cost of living is very low there. We're going to be living in Taipei (the capitol), and I'm learning Mandarin Chinese. I know enough to maybe get around but it'll be really exciting to live in a country where it's spoken. A lot of people will know English there too so it won't be too scary.

Right now I'm waiting for my passport, then I can apply for a Taiwan and a China visa. In the meantime I got to work on getting vaccinated for Hepatitis A & B and go from there.


  1. Taiwan??? Holy cow, how have I not heard about this sooner? I guess this happens when you stop visiting. O:-)

    How long have you been learning Mandarin? Are you coming to visit before you disappear for a year? I'll have disappeared by the time you're back! :(


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