Thursday night and in a melancholy mood

I miss writing. I miss writing poetry and how it sounds schizophrenic and incomprehensible to most people. I miss reading and sharing my work with other writers. I could only write when I had something I wanted to share but couldn't say out loud. I remember I had a date years ago where we had a poetry duel. We picked a word and each wrote a poem based on that word. They came out entirely different and it was so cool to feel that simultaneous inspiration. I hadn't had the drive to write anything for about a year now, but I randomly stumbled upon the files on my computer and somehow I have the urge to write something. Or revise something. I had an amazing poem I started while I worked at the Bakery in Ann Arbor but it's on a misplaced scrap of paper. I'm really bummed I can't find it.

Oh man and I found a story about a period in my life that I wrote in French back in sophomore year. It's soo good! (at least to me I'm super proud I could write that in French). I can't hope to do that anymore. I've lost so much and I'm ashamed to say I didn't know all of the words when I reread it. 

Anyways, this entry is kind-of a downer but hopefully Emily Peiffer is reading it so maybe I can bug her to write another sestina with me. I need a Barnes and Noble so bad right now!

PS- I love my yoyo kids so much (2-3 yrs). I felt so tortured subbing a class where a bathroom connects to my class. I wanted to go over there and teach so bad! They really are my babies. I'd post a picture if it wasn't so inappropriate. I wish I could show off how cute they are!


  1. I would like to read some of your writing if you want to share it with anyone.


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