Moon Festival in Danshui

So yesterday was a national holiday for the Moon and I went to Danshui for the first time! It's a large port city. I got to see the famous Dutch fort San Domingo, the old British Consulate office, and walked around the Old Streets. I tried iron eggs and a-gei. They were both interesting but not my favorites:

"Iron eggs (鐵蛋) are eggs which have been repeatedly stewed in a mix of spices and air dried. The resulting eggs are dark brown, chewy and, about half its initial size. The famous Iron eggs store is Grandma's Tiedan (阿婆鐵蛋) - 135 Zhongzheng Road (Old Street).

A-Gei (阿給) are deep fried tofu that have been stuff with flavoured crystal noodles and sealed with fish paste (surimi). It is often served with a spicy sauce. Many places serve this, but one of the original A-Gei restaurants is on Zhenli St. (真理街) - the last one on the right as you walk up this steep, narrow street." Wikipedia
I'll upload pictures later when I have more time on the computer! It was really fun! I got some gorgeous sun dresses and Chinese paintings.


  1. yay new posts! i loved reading all of these :) love you missy!

  2. Rachel, your text is very well! Thank, for informations around Taiwan. Now... I need to eat Iron Eggs.I'm laughing... You is pretty missy!
    I'm brazilian and love all countries.
    Sorry, my english is small. Good Luck.


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