Halloween at Hsin Hu School

So this past Halloween our school went ALL out to throw a party for the children and parents. We transformed each classroom into different acitvity rooms, such as eat a donut from a string, haunted house, DIY activites, etc. And the English teachers all had to dress up and dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. It turned out pretty well I think! I'll upload the video once I get it finished. But for now, here are some pictures!!! Enjoy!
Teacher Ted, our host, as a pilot
Teacher Kate as a donut queen!
Me, as a candy girl
Me and my Chinese co-teachers
All of us after the show
Teacher Katannya as the mummy in the haunted house
Teacher Kate, Teacher Leanne (knigth in shining armor), and me
Teacher Catherine as a pirate (sorry I didn't get the orientation right!)
Teacher James as a sexy vampire, and Teacher Leanne


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