Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pottery-making in Ying Ge

Two weekends ago (I know I'm late to update!!!) Albert and I went to Ying Ge, a small town that's famous for ceramics and pottery. We went to a workshop where we got to glaze cups and actually use a pottery wheel! It was AMAZING! I've always wanted to try it! I tried to make a bowl and it was good until I kept experimenting. So the teacher kinda redid it for me. I love some cool pictures I'll post later!!

The weather is really nice here right now. It's fall and it's cool but not cold. The rain's let up a little bit so I'm happy! This weekend we're going to Taroko Gorge (look it up on google!). It's really beautiful! Lots of hiking and nature. We've been meaning to go since mid-October so I'm glad we're finally getting there!

Gotta run! Chinese class!


  1. You got a raise Yay!!! good job- i love all these posts from Taiwan and getting updates about Hsin Hu stuff! You will adore Taroko Gorge- we rented a scooter and it was really cool to drive through the mountains. Post lots of pictures of your trip and have a great time, Rach!