Moon Festival Skit at School

Chang'o and Peng Meng (the guy who wants to steal the special medicine)
I got to put on a skit for the school this year about the Moon Festival story. I got to be Chang'o again! I wanted it to be really funny so I put on some crazy  makeup. If you're not familiar with the story, read my previous post!

Hou Yi shooting down the suns

I love you! Welcome home!

Old Man: Hou Yi, you shot down the suns. Here's some special medicine as a reward!

Hou Yi: Chang'o will you keep this medicine safe for me?

Peng Meng: Where is Chang'o? I want to take the medicine for myself!
Chang'o: [eats the medicine and flies to the moon]

Jade Rabbit: Oh no! Chang'o why are you so sad?
Chang'o: I want to go back to earth and see my husband!

Jade Rabbit: Don't worry! I can make you some special medicine so you can go back home!
So they wait up on the moon forever since the medicine takes so long to make.

The End!


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