Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moon Festival Weekend

Last weekend I got to celebrate Moon Festival with some local Taiwanese friends and we had a traditional barbecue in Taoyuan (a county just outside of Taipei). They had a nice house and garden area. The weather was nice, not too hot and a little windy. The kids stayed inside hooked to a new Mario game on the Wii and everyone else sat outside, chatted and snacked on lots of yummy food!

This was delicious!!!!! I think it was beef.

Cooking on the grill

Prawns, aka. super large shrimp

Yam! Plus prawn shells.

Here was the full moon!
The next day we went hiking on Yangming Shan! (the local mountain) It's so gorgeous! First we drove up...

Then we saw a temple- took pictures from the outside before we got shooed away. First time I got in trouble for taking pictures at a temple.

Still driving up, saw some huge satellite dishes!

Here's a cool tree. It started to smell of sulfur here- cause there's a natural hot spring.

We arrived at the Juanqi Waterfall trail entrance.

Stray dog

My mom would like these- begonias!

Here's a small natural waterfall going in a strange hole

Yay! We got to the waterfall!

Some rockslides happen here. This was a huge rock!


This is one of the scariest things I could see -- ick! They were huge, at least the size of my hand. We could see them and their huge webs while we were driving up the mountain. They liked to spin webs on the lampposts.

More stray dogs

We ran out of time to really look around here but we came for a peek. There's supposed to be waterbuffalos you can pet.

It was very foggy as you can see...

People with the waterbuffallos

Here's my new baby, Pepperpot. Trying to fit inside a pomello. ;)

 Happy Moon Festival, everybody! It was a great one this year!
(I got hit by a falling leaf...wasn't expecting that)

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