I'm famous! Kind of....

One of my secret dreams is to be a movie star or something along those lines. Working for an English teaching company in Taiwan sort of made that dream come true... or at least gave me a taste of it!

I was asked to help shoot a commercial for Hess a couple weeks back. I had no idea what to expect and was half nervous/half excited. I just knew I wanted to do it!

The story is that us English teachers and some students helped a disabled, elderly man's dream come true: playing baseball. Miraculously he hit a home run! ;)

Like I said, showed up to the shoot and had no idea what I was going to be doing.. nothing. Turns out I got to be the pitcher. I'm so grateful for having played softball growing up! But it was so terrifying- I had to throw the ball with the old guy next to the plate. I was so afraid I was going to hit him!

Okay, luckily he was wearing a helmet because I did lob one onto his head. :'( The ball was really soft okay!!! I felt really bad.... He was fine though.

But after that day I really understand how tiring shooting a film could be. I had no idea! We had to do take after take of running and cheering, over and over. I went home around 6pm and just went to bed. I slept for 12 hours I was so exhausted...and the next day my body was sore all over! Who would've thought? And this is for a 1 minute commercial. Imagine making a movie!!!!

But my final thoughts are that it was super fun and would do something like that again in a heartbeat. My next dream (let's see if it'll ever happen) is to speak Chinese in a commercial/film. ;)


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