Tokyo Japan (July 20, 2013)

Today we went museum hopping! Everything was all conveniently situated in Ueno Park (northern part of Tokyo), and the subway was super easy to use to get there.
A westerner in traditional Japanese dress! Very cool!

The first stop was this museum and the main purpose was to see Hachiko's stuffed body.
(Remember the Hachiko statue from the first Japan post?)
This Indonesian flower is ginormous and is supposed to smell like rotting flesh! Good think I couldn't smell it through the glass!


Butterflies are beautiful, but this just grosses me out.
I LOVE fossils!!!
Here are some really sweet ancient elephants. They look like something drawn in a fantasy novel!
Hey look over there!...Made you look!

Here's Hachiko! If you think about it, stuffing an animal's dead body is pretty morbid...

Lunch time!
Throughout the whole place was the eery cackles of crows/ravens. I'm not sure how to tell the difference. It definitely gave a strong feeling to the place. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be scared or not.

Next stop-- art!!!


This was one of my favorite paintings in the museum. I ended up getting a print of it!

In the same park is the zoo and outside where these two awesome, talented girls. These must be traditional Japanese instruments. I was SO impressed with their playing that if they were selling CDs I would have bought one!

Here's the zoo! I wasn't super impressed, but it was late afternoon and a lot of the fun exhibits had closed up for the day.





Look out! World's largest rodent!

Is this an albino rooster? I like it!

They should have these everywhere!

Walking out of the zoo and back in the park I was greeted with the loveliness that is kimonos! (Ok, maybe these are technically not kimonos, I can never be sure...)


Dinner was at the Sapporo Beer Station. It was there that I was told that a large mug of beer means "I'm happy." :)
Strange cheese pizza
And meat! My mouth is watering!!!!
 I'll see you soon for Japan day 3!


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