Tokyo Japan (July 22, 2013)

So our last day in Tokyo... what do you think we did?
DISNEY!!! This was my first time visiting a Disney resort. Yes, I know. My childhood was so deprived! (Just kidding!) Needless to say- I was in heaven!
I'm not one for roller coaster type rides so I think the shops were my favorite. We only had half a day there. NOT ENOUGH TIME!
Albert's thinking: Oh no... Why did I have to get stuck with this 5 year old?!
Look! It's Snow White!!
The Goofy headband is so funny!
Holy cow! How iconic is this? A mother daughter, (and a young son which you can't see here) were ALL playing on electronic devices while waiting in line!
This is so cool!
Needless to say...we didn't get in line for that!
One of the only rides we did was: The Merry Go Round! Heehee! I remember loving it when I was a kid so I was excited!
Looks like I'm the only one enjoying it!
This guy was awesome! 1. He had a piano on a bike 2. He was a pretty good musician!
These types of hats were hilarious! I wanted to buy one but they were ridiculously expensive! Thanks for being the model, Albie!
Look at all the cute headbands!
LOVE LOVE LOVE their outfits!
Yay! First characters I got to take a picture with! I started becoming obsessed with getting pictures taken with different ones. Well... like I said a half day is not enough!
We had to run to the plane right after this. But let me tell you- Tokyo was really fun and I'm so glad I got to go to Disneyland! I will for sure be going back again in the future!


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